I work within a specific ‘man-friendly’ approach to counselling, meaning we focus on how and where you want to be in the future and go from there, only looking back when the past blocks you from moving on.

I spend time with you, listening to you, and understanding what it is you want from counselling. Together we find a way forward. I help you find the best solution that fits your life circumstances, works for you and enables you to develop the skills to cope with what life throws at you.

I do not sit quietly; we work collaboratively. We have a conversation in which I will gently challenge you, provide feedback, offer advice and help identify and develop valuable life skills during the sessions, all the time looking to put you in control of your future.

If you want a counsellor who believes in the power of conversation, humour and solutions, let’s chat.

Dr Damian Stoupe

Counsellor, NCS



Accredited register

07792 799017