Rebekah Golds-Jones

Rebekah Golds-Jones

Rebekah is a Psychodynamically trained Psychotherapist, fully certified EMDR Therapist, Trauma Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. She is an ACTO Approved Online Therapist and CISM Practitioner, and has attended many major incidents to provide debrief. Rebekah has over 28 years of experience in working with people experiencing mental health difficulties within the NHS, initially as a Registered Nurse and later as a therapist, seeing people from a wide variety of contexts and with a mix of different issues and challenges. She continues to serve the NHS, working part of her week for a large London Trust as a Specialist Psychotherapist.

In private practice Rebekah leads a large, successful and well respected therapy service, Stepping Stones Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited, which she set up in 2017. The service has grown to now incorporate a team of 14 therapists from a range of backgrounds and with a wide range of skills and expertise. Rebekah and her team work with a wide range of clients from all over the UK as well as abroad. Stepping Stones is also a recognised training placement for student counsellors, and Rebekah along with one other therapist on her team provide all supervision for trainee therapists, with Rebekah also providing supervision for the trained therapists working in the service.

Rebekah and two other members of her team are able to work with couples, with Rebekah using her systemic training and experience. Couples work is possible both face to face and via video calling.

Rebekah is a practising Ecotherapist, and is currently completing a PhD (Psychotherapy) where her thesis is concerned with the client experience of Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy which is taken outside into nature.

Since 2017, Rebekah has specialised in working with 999 personnel and offers a reduced fee rate for Police, Ambulance and Fire personnel. Stepping Stones now holds two major contracts to provide therapy for Ambulance Personnel, and additionally works in conjunction with police and fire departments to provide therapeutic interventions to their staff teams also. Rebekah works closely with wellbeing hubs across the emergency services, to provide timely, reliable and expert therapy for 999 staff, and the team at Stepping Stones are well experienced in recognising the unique challenges faced by 999 personnel and their families.

Rebekah and her team tend to work within a ’12 session model’, but all decisions surrounding the duration of sessions will be agreed with the client at the assessment session. Long term therapy is also available, and Rebekah and her team additionally welcome EAP / insurance based referrals.

All face to face sessions are held in Worthing, West Sussex, Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex, and central London with fees dependent upon location. Sessions are 50 minutes long, with some extended sessions for EMDR. Payment is due at the time of the session.

Sessions can alternatively be conducted online via email, IM or webcam (EMDR only accesses webcam), as well as face to face in wither Worthing or Haywards Heath.

Rebekah Golds-Jones

Pychotherapist, Certified EMDR Therapist, UKCP, BACP, NCS



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